My new steam book, for sale.

This is the first of many books of similar size and style that I plan on on publishing.  When all 50 volumes are done there will be a great deal of information on modern steam as well as on the history of steam technology.  Much thought and worry has gone into planning the organization of this material, and then I decided that given my maturity and lack of progress in making any kind of an outline for the books I might as well just start publishing whatever was the easiest get into print.  Later on we will include much of my opinions and thoughts about modern steam.  The plan is to transcribe the many interviews that I have had over the years with steam people, who are universally the most intelligent and interesting people in the whole world.  It should be interesting.

This book series was not entitled: “Modern Steam Engines: an elementary treatise upon the steam engine, written in plain language; for use in the workshop as well as in the drawing office.  Giving full explanations of The Construction of Modern Steam Engines; including diagrams showing their actual operation” because Mr. Joshua Rose already wrote that book in 1887.  The term ‘modern steam’ appears to have a floating time line.

These books are certain to become collector’s items and so you will want to take advantage of this opportunity to be ahead of that curve.


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