Steam Engine INvention

Specifically I am looking at the 1986 patent #4,01,170 and usually I look these up on PatentFetcher on the internet.  The reason for discussing this patent and its basic idea is because this is typical of the kind of idealistic thinking people do who want to make a steam engine and who do not know how to build a fire or make a boiler/steam generator.  Usually these inventors are also weak in the area of basic physics.  Many inventors start with the concept of a water injector based on the diesel fuel injector.  This way a small amount of water is injected as a fine spray into the clearance volume of piston engine and one avoids steam intake valves and a complex valve train.  We should be thankful that an engine complete with piston, piston rings, and connecting rod is used and go easy on these idealists.  The inventor is quite please that he has figured out how to make clean power, and to quote: “In addition no polluting gas exits which is released into the air via the exhaust system, what is safe for people, animals, plants and forest preserves.”  Most of the heat to run this, admittedly a heat engine, comes from a “glowing filament” up near where the spark plug would be in a regular IC engine.  We are given no hints as to where the power comes from for such a glowing filament.  It appears that his inventor has prescience and has preceded the plug in electric car people who think that electricity comes out of the plug in the wall without any combustion taking place at the other end of the wires.  The rest of the heat needed to vaporize the fine water spray comes from the heat of re-compression of steam that is left in the cylinder after most of the steam has exhausted out uniflow exhaust ports.   This is a standard steam design with arguably many fine and attractive features–that is the uniflow exhaust and high re-compression of the approximately one-third of the steam that is left in the cylinder for re-compression.  I have found no further work being done with this invention.

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