September 1960

Here is some information gleaned from a report of the September 1960 Iowa City Steam club meet.  43 were there on Friday and 67 on Saturday.  It was 53 years ago but I am still interested in the whereabouts of several vehicles mentioned in the report.  John Mueller of Paragould, Arkansas had an experimental steam car with a V-4 single acting engine installed in a Chrysler.  It had last minute problems and did not make the meet.  Tony Landry told of visiting Dr. Callis who had one experimental steam car in operation and was starting on an improved model.  As an aside, I have no idea where this was located or what it was.  Fred Calnan of Hamilton, Ontario told about a two cylinder engine he was building with a cylinder within each cylinder.  Here again, I have no idea what happened or how it worked.  It is interesting to note that people did machining work and tried to make things that ran.  As we can see from what exists today, it was not easy for a single person to find the resources to make something practical and fully developed good enough to last.  I would like to learn from what was done in the past.

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