Steam yacht LaMont boiler

In the July 1997 “Engineers & Engines” magazine there was a classified ad put in by one L. E. Jalbert of Virginia Beach, VA advertising the following steam power plant that was taken from a steam yacht:  “Lamont Flash Steam boiler, High pressure super heat, and 50 HP.  Uniflow Steam Engine.  $5,000”   When I checked on this later on it had been sold to someone in West Virginia.  It would be a very interesting power plant to study.  There have been very few small LaMont boilers and modern 50 hp steam engines made and one wonders where this came from and what can be learned from it.  The LaMont is more or less a monotube boiler with a centrifugal circulating pump that puts water with steam bubbles into a small vertical tank where the steam and water separates with the water being run through the tubes over and over.  There is a water-level sensor in the separator drum that tells the make-up water pump when to operate.  Tom Kimmel

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