Delling Steam Automobile

This is a story about one of the great, maybe the best ever, modern steam automobiles that is long lost to history.  The story is related by Jim Crank, noted Doble and White steam automobile historian and expert.  It appears that in the 1950’s there were two great steam automobile collectors in California: Bill Marsh, who ended up with about 50 Stanleys, and Ozro Smith who started a steam club and collected every part of every steam engine he could find.  Bill Marsh knew of a fellow with a garage in the Watts section near the old train station that had a collection of Miller and Offy race cars.  This is all of the information we have to go on as to the location and identity of the collector.  Besides the Miller and Offy cars the fellow had a Stanley 740 model and a big modern steam car with a cast aluminum engine.  Bunny Philips, the Bugatti man on Garvey Blvd. who did business with the collector person found out that it was a Delling.  One day Jim Crank went with a friend searching and spent all day driving up and down alleys and looking and did not find anything.  Therefore if anyone has the time or interest this is one of the most valuable vehicles to find and add to our collection of modern steam knowledge.

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