Bonneville Racing Car

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Here are some construction blueprints for the engine in the car.  It is a three cylinder, originally a Chrysler outboard engine, that was modified with some cast iron cylinders from an International Cub cultivating tractor and poppet valves.  It now has 64 c.i.d. and bore is 3.125″ and stroke is 2.80″.  There is a sliding camshaft in there that is set at a 30% cutoff for the run.  Art Gardiner designed the engine and Jim Tangeman did all of the machining on the head, which is the part with the steam chest, cams and poppet valves.  We think the valve train is good for 2500 rpm before it starts to float.  The steam generator (boiler) is made mostly from 3/8th inch schedule 40 black iron.  There are 7 coils and each one is made from a standard length of 21′ tubing wound with .o70″ spacing between the tubes.  Tom Kimmel wound the coils.  There is some finned tubing in there also and it burns 17 gallons per hour and amazingly is quite efficient, meaning that most of the heat is extracted from the combustion gases before the exhaust goes up the chimney.  The car was at Bonneville in October 2012 and made a few runs while getting its shake down cruise.  After everything was tightened up again it ran quite good.  The important thing was to pass tech inspection at Bonneville as the Southern California Timing Association runs a very tight ship.  This is one of the better modern steam engine designs: it has poppet valves and very little clearance volume.  It is a counterflow andnot a uniflow and Art thinks that with lots of superheat a uniflow does not give an advantage.

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