Operating Cycle Coats Steam Car-Endurance Steam Car Co.

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These are schematic diagrams of some of the better modern steam automobile power plants.  The Coats was designed by Allen Conkling Staley of Purdue.  The car was made and driven around campus and is written up in the May, 1923 “The Purdue Engineering Review” Vol.  18 Number 4.   Staley was born in 1885 and died in California in 1960.  Needless to say his car and all information about it has disappeared.  We think it was supposed to be manufactured in Ohio as the Coats steam car although there is something called Coats Steamers, Inc. out of Indianapolis and something called Coates Steam Car Company of Columbus, Ohio.  We think that Charles A. French who at one time worked for International Harvester of Chicago also worked with Staley.  Anyhow, the work was similar and it was all the next step after Stanley and White to make a practical steam car.  Unfortunately for the steam fraternity the infrastructure was gone and therefore these vehicles never went into production.

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2 Responses to Operating Cycle Coats Steam Car-Endurance Steam Car Co.

  1. mike coyer says:

    In a 1922 American automobile digest, there is a drawing and 3 pages of info on the car. They also announce 3 big plants, one being in Bowling Green, Ohio (looks to be the old Hienze tomato plant) where they built the steam engines and boilers. Whats left of the magazine is located at the Wood County Historical Museum at Bowling Green, Ohio. http://www.woodcountyhistory.org

    • tkimmel3 says:

      Dear Mike Coyer, Thank you for this information. I could not find that issue of American Automobile Digest available on line and can use a copy if you have one. There is an whole area of modern steam automobile development that occurred right after the Stanley factory went out of business and the design work was excellent. Not only is most of that knowledge lost but the vehicles themselves are gone. Let me know when you find more information. Tom Kimmel

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