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High Performance Any-Fuel Eco Power Plant

My area of expertise is collecting information and with this topic I confess failure and not only confess failure but ask for assistance from the crowd.  Somewhere while leafing through the internet looking for good information I ran across this … Continue reading

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Good Steam Ideas are coming

In the meantime while we are waiting for the good ideas to be explained–something that requires thought, analysis, and preparation–here are some more  bad ideas.  Somehow I came across the website: and the name should have warned me sufficiently, … Continue reading

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Strange steam making

The beauty of steam is that any heat source makes it.  Once made it becomes power.  Historically heat came from wood, then coal, then hydrocarbons, and then nuclear fusion, or is it fission, and now it is going back to … Continue reading

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LaMont Boiler

  This schematic of the LaMont was copied from the book: “Steam Power Stations” by Gustaf Gaffert 1940 and it has all of the other types of modern boilers in it also.  There are many advantages to the LaMont.  It … Continue reading

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Besler airplane

Last month I interviewed Gene Burrows out in LaHarpe, Kansas and he was around the SoCal steam world in the 1960’s knowing Chadwell O’Connor and Bill Besler and mostly the Lantermans.  Here is what Gene said about Besler’s steam airplane … Continue reading

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The Perfect Future Farm

This topic has great relevance to steam power because the end result is peak electricity production.  In order to accomplish this goal there needs to be a complete system in place.  Few people have the knowledge to design a complete … Continue reading

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