Harry M. Arnold

Harry Monroe Arnold of Douglas, Wyoming says that in 1945 he built a steam engine that was tested at Colorado University in 1946.  Here is what he wrote about that engine: “I make my big gain over i. c. engines and usual steam engines by saving the heat of radiation in the cylinder and the heat in the exhaust above the temperature of the water, air and fuel used.  In my 4.5″ x 6″ working model, I built in 1945 and tested at Colo. Univ. in 1946, I found radiation losses to my water-cooled engine cylinder to be 171 BTU per 1 lb. of steam at 645 rpm.  Steam used at 134 psia and 1,000 deg. R.  Engine developed 20 piston hp.  Originally , I had expected 250 btu of radiation losses per 1 lb.”  He ends by saying that: “Re-heat cycles and Extraction heating run these steam values very high.”  Therefore Arnold claims to have made some basic improvements on the Rankine Cycle.  These are covered in his nine patents.  Because he worked in isolation in the middle of Wyoming we have no idea what he did or if any of his hardware exists.  He gave a lot of thought to very high temperature steam and in one of his patents there was a very long hour-glass shaped piston with cooling water circulating around the piston to keep the rings from burning up.  It was very clever and something not seen in other patents.  It would be of value to find any of his work.  Tom Kimmel

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